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Gail Sideman

Gail Sideman is a self-described news hound that hustles to meet the needs of an ever-changing media universe.

While the way that news is delivered has changed and expanded, Sideman insists that the basics and value of a great story are as entrenched in our desire to know, as ever. Stories that people want to share and hear, she says, is why delivery speed and social media has grown so popular.

Sideman is dedicated to sharing her clients’ stories and providing media with angles tailored to their audiences. She further, goes to great lengths to educate clients about the differences between news, and messages that are better suited for paid advertisements. Regardless of the day, however, her goal is always to work honorably, honestly and maintain the respect of clients, editors and most importantly, their audiences.

A blue sky loving, sports cheering fan (except in the pressbox!) PR professional and publicist, Sideman is quick to remind people, even some in the industry, that there is a distinct difference between the two, although along with marketing and advertising, they often mesh to communicate dynamic messages in today’s media era.

Charles Davis, an analyst for NFL on FOX, NFL Network and others, admits that Sideman emphasized the blended elements as she guided, and he tiptoed, into social media. (He now navigates it quite well.)

“After Gail spent some time talking with, and then walked me through how to use Twitter, and I began ‘tweeting,’ I discovered that there are plenty of people that like to hear about my job and travels and people I have met,” Davis said. “They like to respond with stories, and opinions of their own.

“Social media allows me to connect with a great group of people. Good stuff that Twitter, but only because of Gail. She’s the expert on all things media related.”

An accidental job as a sports reporter for her college newspaper led Sideman to write about and eventually publicize sports organizations, individuals and television talent. The ability to read books and share their contents with the media and public, led to a secondary niche publicizing books.

More than 20 years of public relations experience, including 10 in NCAA Division I sports information during which she received national awards for her work, have helped Sideman emerge as one of the most respected professionals in sports and publishing publicity. When she suggests what a reporter seeks in a newsworthy story angle, she knows from experience. She has worked on both sides of the media-PR spectrum, including time as a stringer for the St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune then as a freelance writer for sports and business publications. She further works with network television production crews at some of the country’s most visible sports events, which allow her to keep her hand on the pulse of broadcast media.

A Wisconsin native, Sideman studied and worked at the University of South Florida. These days, with electronics in-tow, she shares time between her Midwest base and Central Florida, the latter where she works, and hones her skills as “Auntie Gail.”